The benefits of driveway pavers

Concrete is typically the standard option for driveways, but they can be boring, crack easily, get stained and need a complete replacement if damaged. The average pick is not always the best option. 

If you are tired of having a driveway that takes away from your home’s curb appeal, there is an alternative: driveway pavers. You can replace your concrete driveway with pavers that are arranged in a unique pattern and enhance the overall appearance of your home, not to mention increase the value of your home!  Fenceworks will replace your old driveway and build a beautiful durable paved driveway.  Contact us for more information!

fenceworks driveway paving
fenceworks driveway paving

Here are a few of the benefits:

1. Durability

Paving stones are extremely durable and can handle the weight of vehicles without cracking or becoming damaged. They will last for years without needing to be replaced.

2. No stains

By using paver sealer, you can prevent stains that can easily occur from oil leaks, spills or rubber. Simply wash your driveway pavers with water to remove any marks.

3. Easy to replace

If a concrete driveway becomes cracked or damaged, you have the option to repair the specific area, which will result in spots of discoloration, leaving the obvious appearance of patches. 

Because of this, many people choose to replace the entire thing. With pavers, you can remove the damaged paver only and replace it that same day. It doesn’t require complicated tools or a large amount of labour. Replacing a paver can be so easy that you can even do it yourself.

4. Patterns

Paving stones can be arranged in a variety of shapes and patterns. Your contractor can even create the shape of a basketball court, your family’s initials, a star or any other fun shape and pattern.

5. Installation

Driveway pavers are beautiful, will add curb appeal to your home, and are more durable than a concrete driveway. Contact Chris at Fenceworks for any queries or quotes

driveway cleaning
fenceworks driveway cleaning
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